Former WTO chief: Independent Scotland would have “zero technical problems” joining EU

Julie Rampen, writing in the New Statesman, 16 Mar:

An independent Scotland would have “zero technical problems” rejoining the EU immediately after Brexit, according to the World Trade Organisation’s former director Pascal Lamy.

Lamy also shot down the idea previously advocated by the SNP that Scotland could negotiate a separate version of Brexit while staying in the UK.

“If there had to be something complex for the UK, and even more complex in Scotland, that would add complexity to complexity,” he said. “A simple solutions that comes to mind if Scotland wants to remain in the EU—vote for succession on their own terms and then they re-enter.”

Lamy was speaking at an Institute for Government event earlier today. We transcribed what he said about Scotland joining the EU after Brexit (you can listen to his answer here):

“Assume Scotland becomes independent and wants to join [the EU] … we have something functional overnight. So, zero technical problem. I mean, maybe the number of votes which Scotland will have in the European Council, the number of Scottish members of the European Parliament, will have to be negotiated. Not a problem. The only serious problem—and I’m not a specialist in intra-UK constitutional arrangements, devolution; I have to be very careful about that—the only problem I see on the EU27 is the sensitivity in some member states, like Spain for instance, that part of your ‘country’ goes into secession, and we know that the Spanish government is not that keen in making it clear that Catalonia could join the European Union after having a referendum which, by the way, they don’t agree should take place. That’s different from the situation here. That’s the real obstacle I would see on this road.”

One thought on “Former WTO chief: Independent Scotland would have “zero technical problems” joining EU”

  1. Where Catalonia is a region of Spain, Scotland is internationally recognised as both a distinct Country and Nation.
    Treaty of Amsterdam 1999 Article 7 is appropriate for invocation on any member country/nation forcing their will on another country/nation.

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