Brexit negotiators should consider deal which keeps Scotland in the single market, says EU report

The National, 17 February 2017:

BRUSSELS is ready to do a separate Brexit deal with Scotland, according to leaked European Parliament negotiating documents.

In a confidential report, seen by The National, senior EU figures say they’re ready to explore how to make the Scottish Government’s proposals for a differential Norwegian style post-Brexit model work.

Regarding Scotland in particular, the analysis says the “different position of that devolved territory and of the UK Government regarding the participation in the single market as well as their approach to the free movement of citizens” should be explored and the possibility of “whether differentiations could be envisaged in the current constitutional and institutional set up of the Union should thus be addressed.”

New Wings Panelbase poll

Wings Over Scotland has published results from a newly commissioned online poll of 1,028 adults resident in Scotland between 8 and 13 February 2017, covering primarily local elections and independence. As far as independence goes, Yes came out at 46%; No at 54%.

In other independence-related figures, when don’t-knows are excluded, 52.5% of respondents were in favour of an independent Scotland inside or outside of the EU; 47.5% want Scotland to be part of a UK outside of the EU.

Update, 17 Feb: James Kelly’s analyses of the poll on 15 and 17 Feb are worth reading.

Update, 18 Feb: Full datasets have now been published on the Panelbase website.