Merkel’s European Wake Up Call Is Being Answered in the Nordics

Today in independent countries co-operating with each other economically and militarily…

Bloomberg, 29 May:

Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway have over the past two years been deepening their military cooperation to counter a deteriorating security situation in the Baltic and the Arctic. They are also forging closer ties on softer issues, presenting this week a joint initiative to meet sustainability goals, promoting the 20 million-person region’s shared values on social equality, and discussing joint interaction with China.

[Finnish Prime Minister Juha] Sipila said there are “a lot” of possibilities to strengthen economic ties across the region, including setting up a single “digital market” and a bio-fuels market.

The Nordic leaders also discussed more joint cooperation in dealing with China, albeit on an “ad-hoc” basis, according to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, as well as combating climate change.

“As the most integrated region in the world we have today agreed to further deepen our cooperation,” Lovfen said at a press briefing.

Also, a relevant article from last year: Nordic Nations Deepen Cooperation Amid Worsening Baltic Security (Bloomberg, 27 Sept 2016).

In relation to Scotland, I’ve not yet read the recently published book Security in a Small Nation: Scotland, Democracy, Politics, edited by Edinburgh University’s Andrew Neal, but I intend to do so. Chapters include ‘Perspectives on Small State Security in the Scottish Independence Debate’, and ‘Do Small States Need “Alliance Shelter”? Scotland and the Nordic Nations’. It’s freely available to download in PDF format.